Just at this moment there is a distince chill in the air.  The snowy weather has come and made a somewhat pathetic drizzly effort  As if it feels that it’s not really worth bothering but it ought to make an effort just to say it’s had a go.  The ice has been slightly more spectacular, gorgeous crispy frost deposits all over the garden, the pond is solid and the shrubs seem to glisten and sparkle.   The car just about starts each day and the roads are constantly gritted with salt.

During the warmer minutes every few hours, it is possible to remember what Spring and Summer are.  We can  remind ourselves that in just a few short weeks, there will be sunshine in the mornings.  There will be bulbs flowering in abundance.  Daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, all kinds of gorgeous colourful heads bobbing in that delightful way.  Out willl come the garden furniture and life will be delightfully relaxed and not a gritting lorry in sight!