Now is the time to say goodbye – indeed it is, to use words from a popular comic tune from the 1960s.    The singers of that little ditty were always buffooning around and making up daft songs to cover almost every time of day and night.  The ditty with the night time reference was carrying through the air on a faint whistle yesterday by my gardener.  Cheerful chappy that he is. The goodbye is pertinent though because at last, after a fantastic summer of endless tea plate sized blooms, my creamy white dhalia has started looking seriously old and shabby, so my gardener demanded trays/boxes lined with newspaper, so he could get down and dig them and the surrounding stones up.

There are so many jobs that need doing now, cutting back the last of the perennials and summer flowering shrubs.  Many are not over, not ready yet to meet that nasty old Jack Frost.