Bright & Breezy Gardening With Zeal Needed

Whilst watching a really bright and breezy gardening show that comes from Scotland, I was struck the other week by one presenter who went about as far north as she could without actually leaving Scottish territory . . . . it was a truly bleak picture – dark skies with force 8 gale.  The presenter didn’t bat an eyelid – coming from Arbroath, she was pretty hardy and used to leaning 10 degrees into a headwind!  The yelling into the camera and boom microphone was hilarious as they all got blown in different directions.  But they manfually carried on.   We were shown some absolutely incredible shrubs and soft wood perennials that were growing in the most inhospitable conditions.  I was awestuck and then we went into the greenhouse – the succulents and carnivore plants were wonderful fun.  It really brought the programme alive to see all the varieties crammed near each other ad a diviney weavel and fly free atmosphere.  I must say though that the thought of keeping an expensive glass house on the go in such hefty winds is daunting but by careful positioning, out of the wind tunnel and with some shelter of house and other trees – they had managed to maintain a sense of achievement and order throughout!