Care With Gardening In Extreme Heat Needed

Oh how we looked forward to spring after the winter.  We had some frost and a tiny bit of snow but nothing too awful but spring is so special.  Last year we had the most horrendous gales and storms in March and April, before it eventually dried out to form the longest, hottest and driest summer since records began.  We’re of course hping for some hot dry weather but not quite as excessive as that!  It affets so much of what we can grow and we need to be able to water the crops and plants.  I have one large water butt attached to a drainpipe and it has an off fuction to cut off when the butt is full.  When we’re expecting rain, I fill up as many watering cans and spare water carriers as I can so as not to waste any chance of collecting rain water.  If we’re going to have this sustained heat, I need to get another butt fitted to the other downpipe.  Rain water being completely free and metered hose pipe water not!