Check The Bird Feed To Stop Grass Clumps

Gardens that offer a quiet calming rest zone – now that is what every working person needs the minute they get home.  Having that chance to get out there and walk around the lawn, surveying the flower borders and the shrubs – now that is one of the most relaxing ways to unwind.  Some folk prefer the all action type of garden with patio full of bar-b-que and other outdoor cooking equipment.  For them there’s nothing nicer than decamping to the patio with picnic style eating done in a flash.   I prefer the former – very quiet, when given the chance, I like to watch the birds that come down and have a feeding frenzy at the feeders I put up.  Sometimes the starlings are so raucous it’s impossible to hear myself think, but it’s mere moments in a busy day.  I don’t suffer terribly from damage to the plants, but I have had to change what I feed the birds – too much seed was being wasted and growing undesirable clumps of grass and wheat in my back yard!