The summer has shot by and we sit here amid the pouring rain, looking out of the patio window.  We’re just wondering if the inclement weather is staying for the next few hours or just hovering to be difficult.  it’s been a very strainge summer – came in with rather a bang – rain and thunder, but then really silly hot weather.   Now that all the summer tos and fros are complete we can concentrate our brains on getting the garden straight (ish) for the inactivity during the lose season.  There were loads of bulbs and dahlia corms to sort out.  I bought 4 packs last year and all of them grew amazingly well.  So well in fact that it has caused me a bit of a headache.  The success of the haul, to be dried off before  in the garage so they don’t wilt and die.   Always, care must be taken blah bla .h.h..h..h..