Easter Bulbs Coming Very Early Now

I have a tub of 50 daffodil bulbs – they’re were planted 4 years ago as a little tribute to a loved one.  Now of course after a couple of tremendously good flowering seasons near Easter, they have come up quite a bit earier than usual. This seems to be because of the vriable weather and the topsy turvey climate changes we’ve been experiencing.  This is something we may well need ot take into account much more in future.  Perhaps our old friends “winter flowering shrubs” won’t just contain themselves to bursting into life in December and January – maybe they won’t need the frozen conditions that generally triggers their flowering urge.  I love seeing those little green shoots popping up through the doom and gloom of a winter’s day and I shall be looking at the choice of bulbs for which I still have time to plant before the colourful show of previous efforts come to the fore!