Garden Designers Harking Back To Capability Himself

Time was when all big gardens could have their own lake with a nice wooden clippety cloppety bridge over it.  Some gardens do of course still have that and we all enjoy the chance to roam around in all that space.  One heritage house that I help out at has the most amazing vista from the saloon – not a bar, but their name for the small ballroom.  The tall wide windows look out over parkland and a lake.  It would do Capability Brown justice but I’m reliably informed that he did not work there – though maybe a previous owner became familiar with his ideas and projects elsewhere.  There are simply hundreds of large manor houses and small halls near here;  lots are a legacy from the civil war, a lot of which happened in our county.   When we think of garden designers nowadays, the mind generally heads straight towards the Chelsea flower show – with all the gold award winners each year.  But it’s refreshingly calm to hark back to the quiet restful park, land and lake.