Jewel Colour Dahlias Bring Amazing Display

My gardener and I have come to an understanding – he does the graft and I float around with ideas of what I’d like to be growing where and in what colour.  I’m pretty good at growing baby plants from tiny cuttings – I’m not so good at remembering to label the cutting.  I have some established shrubs and perennials so I’ve a rough idea what colour is going to be available at certain times of the year and this year we’ve been unexpectedly successful in the matching colour to colour department.  As last winter was hopeless as far as getting leaving tubers in situ, so we took up all the dahlias, lillies and other larger bulbs for storage in the nice dry but cold garage.  Early in spring these got dusted off, any rotted parts tossed and the rest were planted out in various pots.  The lillies were transplanted to the borders where they flourished and the dahlias in their big pots were placed in the flower beds wherever I needed to fill a space and amazingy all the dahlias came up in exact jewel colours to match the existing shrubs and big plants.  It’s been beautiful all season.