Keeping An Eye Out For Pretty But Pesky Pests

One of the things that came out of watching a gardening feature on tv was the need to look out for certain bugs and nasties in my garden.  I’ve got masses of plants that have come out in flower much earlier than when I first used to grow them.  My hydraengers for example, they used to be late flowering, around August time but have been in full show for some weeks.  I have some baby one that I propogated last year and even these are showing early promise.  What I also keep an eye on at the moment is something quite ne to me – the lilly beetle.  It is a very pretty little creature, which makes it all the ore difficult to squash or dispose of them.  But these pretty pests are like 3 or four large ladybirds put together and have shiny red backs, long cantilever type legs.  Apparently by the time they alight on your lillies, it’s already too late to save the plant – they find each other by the aroma they emit and once a suitable host plant has been located the little critters make sure all their chums come ad enjoy the treat too.  I have already found one.  I suspect though that I am too late to stop the host dying off.  Shame!