Kiddies, Dogs and Burn Marks On Lawn

Oh golly it’s been a long and slightly noisy summer holidays.  Not that I have kiddies here or young adults for that matter.   The neighbours have a selection of each.  In fact the perfect combinations reside either side of me.  One side has adult boy, almost adult girl, large sweet natured dog.  The other side has young girl, even younger boy, two tiny yappy lap dogs.  Over the back of me there are no children living there but a selection of grandchildren come over often, as do their dogs and sometimes a greay pony arrives.  The noise on a summer’s afternoon is incredible – but I can’t moan as it’s so quiet throughout the term time and all through winter, that just hearing other humans is often a tonic.   The gardens in which this selection of children and pets live all need drastic work on their lawns – something that pooches fail to take on board when they liberally spray all over the grass!  Nothing seems to neutralise the acid burns on lawns. Aparm from a professional gardener who may well know the way to offsset them in the first place.