We usually have very specific jobs to do in the garden according to the time of year, or the season.  This again is broken down into ‘weather permitting’ and jobs for the potting shed.  when I have trouble with my aching limbs I have to ask for help with meatier side of gardening chores.  I used to love owing the lawn but the weight of even the lightest mower is now more than I can manage without assistance. I therefore pay for someone else to come in and mow the lawn and scrape up the cuttings.  I do have a green garden bin, it takes all kinds of cuttings, vegetable and fruit waste etc.  Every year I also add to that exotic mix, lots of leaves from the woods and my garden.  This hopefull breaks down into garden ready bulk.  It will never be the fantastic light loamy mulch that experts always recommend but it works.