Scaling Down Historic Garden Ideas

There are some wonderful historic houses in the part of the country where I live most of the year.  It is quieter round here these days – although in the civil war period, this was the hot bed of intrigue and political activity. …


Presenter Encourages Unlikely Wildlife Gardener

I am currently browsing through gardening books to get inspirational ideas to make mine more attractive to me and also to a bevy of wild life beauties.  I see hundreds of programmes in a year, all about natural history and wildlife, countryside matters. …


A Professionally Designed Garden – Absolute Heaven

I  have always had an interest in gardening – well since buying my first little house way back when.  At that time I had barely 8ft by 15ft, not even the size of a single bedroom, and it was at the back of…


Gorgeous Gardens Come With Age And Professional Expertise

I have a young family for neighbours one side and a very established retired couple the other.  I am sandwiched inbetween as a someone who cannot exactly be pigeon holed, it seems.  The young daughter from the former was very impressed when I…


Soakaways – Best Way To Keep Garden Drained

The arrival of spring weather is such a treat.  It is so difficult to try and remain positive and start looking forward to all those lovely hours of gardening coming ahead when we are suffering the cold blowy weather of March winds –…


The Arrival Of Spring Brings Outside Planning

The lovely warm thoughts of Spring and Summer nearly being here really do gladden the heart.  Well for most people anyway.  Those ghastly wet, windy, messy dreary days of winter are beginning to fade away.  The mornings of course are lighter, the birds…


Ah The Gritty Problems Of Winter Frosts & Snow

Just at this moment there is a distince chill in the air.  The snowy weather has come and made a somewhat pathetic drizzly effort  As if it feels that it’s not really worth bothering but it ought to make an effort just to…


Greater Use Of Garden Space Restores Harmony & Happiness

One new year resolution I set for myself a couple of years ago was to set about improving my garden.  I have the usual 30 x 50 foot space out the back of the house, laid mostly to lawn and with a small…


Enjoying Outdoor Living With Best Garden Furnisings

Now at these very depths of winter, when morning arrives about 8 am and evening disappears about 3.30pm, it is very hard to imagine wanting to spend time out in our garden.  Not for us the sitting around on the sleek teak deck…


When A Garden’s Taken A Pasting, Get In The Experts

One houses down near my mine has been an absolute mine of activity this summer.  The house itself has been completely remodelled inside to make the already generous proportions more effective in use.  In other words, larger.  The garden of that house was…