Pets Turn Into Pests By Ruining The Lawn

There’s a very fine line between pets and pest . . . .   We are a nation of dog lovers and a nation of garden lovers, especially the immaculate, well manicured green lawned variety.   We also love rose beds and all manner of beautiful coloured floral displays.   Sometimes though problems arise when pets becoming a pest.  The damage caused to lawns by dog pee is grim.   Great scorched patches of dead brown all over the otherwise lush sward is so disappointing that many a dog owner looking for natural products that neutralise the pee so it burns less, or preferably, not at all.   I heard the other day of someone who relies on tomato juice for their dogs – she swears that since introducing this to the daily doggy diet, her lawns have improved fantastically.  There are also things called dog rocks which look like stones you put into the dog’s drinking water.  Lawn green & feed products rid us of weeds whilst feeding and greeningup the lawn but care must be taken when pets are around.  Gardening experts can often advise on products that are safe for the lawn and cause no problem for the pets – an essential consideration.