Simple Ways to Transform Your Tiny Garden

Managing a small garden may seem much easier than dealing with a large plot of land, however getting the design just right can be slightly more tricky.  Here are our top seven tips for making the most of your little garden space.

Begin with the house

Look at the wall space of your house and see if you can grow any climbing plants up the wall, such as wisteria. This adds colour and texture as soon as you enter the garden.  Some plants offer fragrance too.

Be flexible with space

Utilise a base of hardscaping such as gravel and stone to provide a neutral backdrop for you to add interesting plants too.

Hide the boundary

You can disguise the size of a small garden by making the edges disappear.  Although obviously you cannot get rid of walls or fences completely, reducing the height of these boundaries is a great tactic.

Be more ruthless

If you don’t LOVE aspects of your garden, get rid of them! If you really don’t like your grassy lawn, get rid.  The time and energy required to maintain these aspects, let alone the machinery and skill to grow a good lawn can be counterintuitive.

Check the trees

If you have a small garden, certain tree species will not be great picks for you.  Think carefully about the size and shape of trees before you plant, and take away any trees which are not suited to the space.


Choose garden furniture, pots, decorative ornaments etc to complement your planting scheme

Variety is the spice of life

Seasonal plants in containers are a fun way to add a different colour, texture, fragrance or look to your garden. These can be changed whenever you like, offering you a more interesting garden easily!