The lovely warm thoughts of Spring and Summer nearly being here really do gladden the heart.  Well for most people anyway.  Those ghastly wet, windy, messy dreary days of winter are beginning to fade away.  The mornings of course are lighter, the birds are definitely more vocal and there is much activity in the hedgerows.   The garden may of course still be totally water-logged and not ready for any kind of mowing or forking over activity.  In fact, when the weather has been a complete nightmare as it has this last winter, there can be no walking on the grass at all, for fear of compacting the clay underneath and damaging the precious grass shoots.

Getting the patio furniture sorted is possible though and making sure it’s all good to go.  If not, time to order a new set. Also, getting those potted plants in some kind of arrangement to allow for more furniture to be sourced.