Varying The Seed Planting – Grow For Britain

The start of another springtide. . . and this one is more different than any previous for people everywhere.  However, ‘confined to barracks’ we may be, unable to move about and meet up with family and friends as we would usually, we can do a great deal in the garden.  There is a multitude of things need attending to – not least planting seedlings for favourite plants.  We can also help our families with growing vegetables and salads.  There’s never been a better reason than now for allocating a space in each of the borders for growing vegetables, potatoe plants and runner or broad beans.  Getting the seeds shouldn’t be too impossible just now – we are allowed to go out to buy for food and medicines.  Most supermarkets stock racks of seeds at the moment.  Whilst we’re allowed to buy more or less unhindered, getting a selection now would be very wise.  Everything we need, pots. . . compost. . . .  all online – this will keep those companies in business too.