Now at these very depths of winter, when morning arrives about 8 am and evening disappears about 3.30pm, it is very hard to imagine wanting to spend time out in our garden.  Not for us the sitting around on the sleek teak deck benches in our heavy anoraks and mittens to sample the delights of the winter bar-b-que.  In the spring it is always wonderful to start dipping early toes into the lunch out on the patio or special tea time treats.  Of course, when the summer arrives full blast with the fantastic warm sun, we can indulge all day, every day, if we wish, and if soeone doesn’t mind doing all the work.

Such thrills are only possible with the right furniture and accessories for the outside space.   Light but sturdy chairs and tables that can be moved but won’t blow over in a gust.  a specialist garden furnishing supplier will have everything needed.