Planning Gardens On A Blank Canvass

I have been asbolutely amazed at the ability of my garden plants to overcome the most severe drought I’ve ever known.   I have quite a few rather special shrubs that I have propogated from little snippets from other gardens.  I just love that ‘will it, won’t it take’ side of the equation.   For example I have the beautiful fuschia that came from my mother in law’s garden – she planted it in a brand new garden when they moved in years ago.  When we had to empty the property for her to move again, this time into care, I was asked if I’d like to have the plant as I’ve always enjoyed planning what to put in mine.  Gardening ideas come thick and fast when I have the time to really sit and look at a space – taking in the surroundings, the soil type and what else is in the immediate area.  In their garden it was very easy – they had 1.5 metre high latchboard fencing all the way around the small lawn and that was it!