Well Well, An Unknown Godsend

We used to visit grandparent who had a really long narrow garden.  Well in fact their whole house was long and narrow, now I think about it.   Built in 1933, it was a ‘between the wars’ family home.  The grandparents used to rent rooms in a big house before getting the chance to buy part of an old terrace house.  That had a massive garden that was separate up into blocks for each apartment owner.  It inspired my grandfather to really save and be able to buy a house outright – one that offer scope for  his garden ideas – not only the fruit and veg gardens which I would have expected such an upright stalward man to want!  There were some very thoughtful touches in that last garden, many scented roses that were encouraged to climb the craggy walls.   The well, in the far end of the plot was once an essential piece of equipment to be kept clean but otherwise no one thougth much of it.  If only we all had access to a well each today!