Planning That Scented Patio For Sunny Relaxation

I have been thinking about changing the design of my garden for quite a long time now because since moving into this lovely spacious house some twenty odd years ago, the rear garden has hardly evolved from the conventional rectangle of grass in the middle with wide borders round the three sides.   These are edged with nice solid vertical lathe fencing in a pleasing mid oak shade.  In fact, the fencing was the only major change from the original fenc panels erected by the house builders.   The garden has a tendency to slope slightly towards the far left corner, thus ensuring the shady border remains more like a woodland garden than nature had originally intended, but unless it actually stays underwater, then I am quite content.  The other side of the garden is open to the elements and has a very sunny aspect, housing a rose border and patio area, currently covered with various planters.  These will have to be repositioned if I do get round to purchasing that nice little bistro table and chair set I have my eye on – for all those breakfasts and suppers I plan to take out in my scented garden.    Some plans do remain at the first day dream stage for rather too long!