Garden Help Needed When Age Challenges Agility

Having a professional gardening help has been a boon for me.  My neighbourgot to the point where she couldn’t deal with the lawn any more.  When mobility issues affect every day jobs like that, you have to bite the bullet and get help.  This is something that older chaps find very hard to adjust to.  I know lots of cases where the hubby has always looked after the tougher weekly jobs, like man-handling the lawn mower, digging the garden, pruning trees and shrubs etc.  When age related issues starts to take over, it’s a matter of getting over the pride!  Engaging garden help needs a little research though.  My neighbour is grateful for the hard work being seen to, but some aspects of the garden scheme don’t seem so clear cut and the colour scheme and plant groupings seem to have gone by the wayside – it can look a little chaotic at times.  So research for someone who really knows more than his onions!